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Our team average is  99.05% of list price!

Oxford County has seen an explosion in home values in the last 12-18 months. The Tracey and Marshall Team has delivered an average sale price of 99.05% of list price since January 2016. This is due to a combination of a hot market combined with listings that we properly price and aggressively market. The smart seller realizes that you are more likely to hit a home run when selling your home by pricing it properly. If you overprice, the buyers will look, but you are unlikely to see an offer. A well priced home will see many interested buyers with the very real chance of starting a bidding war on your home. 


New census data: Population of Woodstock outpaced national growth rate.

And this is great news for your biggest investment!

According to Statistics Canada, the population of Woodstock increased by 8.3% since the last census in 2011.This was well above the national growth rate of 5.0%. One of the biggest causes for these numbers is that out-of-town buyers have discovered our little gem of a city. And we are the last bastion of "cheap" housing on the 401 corridor.

Woodstock has routinely been seeing price increases in the neighbourhood of 24% with multiple offer situations happening routinely. If you are looking to downsize, this is great news as that big house you are sitting on has been a great investment. This is the perfect market to put that investment to work and get it on the market. 

If you are looking to move up, there is great news for you as well. If you are sitting in a 250,000 dollar house and prices were to rise by 10% this year, you would see a profit of $25,000. Not bad. But if you were to make the jump to your $500,000 dream house now, and we saw the same increase, you would profit $50,000. And remember, by waiting, the dream house would cost you $25,000 more next year than it would now if you were to wait. It's all about percentages!

And more good news! Our new signs will be updated to a population of 40,902.

2017 Century 21 Golden Gala - 2 Door Prizes of $3,000 Travel Vouchers

The Golden Gala is fast approaching. This is Oxford County’s Event of the Year! Valentine pricing of $120/person is available until February 15. This is such a great event and raises money for local charities.

Over the past sixteen years the Century 21 Golden Gala has raised over $1,200,000 for the Woodstock community. In addition to the $850,000 raised for the new Woodstock Hospital, substantial contributions have been raised for Charitable Organizations serving the needs of communities within Oxford County, including VON Sakura House, Alzheimer Society of Oxford, Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll HUGO project, Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter, and the MS Society of Oxford.

This year the Gala will support the MS Society of Oxford, South Gate Centre for Seniors, and Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter.

Plans for the 2017 Gala are underway and the committee is looking for sponsors for the event. They have six levels of sponsorship packages. Diamond at $10,000, Double Platinum at $5,000, Platinum at $2,500, Gold at $1,000, Silver at $500 and Bronze at $250. You can select the level of participation that best meets your needs, and be secure in the knowledge that your sponsorship fee will be used to help the MS Society of Oxford, South Gate Centre for Seniors, and Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter. Your sponsorship can be in the form of a cash donation, a donation to the silent auction table or a combination of the two.

The Golden Gala Committee would also love to see you or your organization to join them at the memorable event. Tickets are $135.00 per person. Early Bird pricing is available at $120.00 per person if paid in full by January 15, 2017. You should to book your tickets early as they tend to go quickly and 100 tickets have already been sold.

The committee is counting on the support of the community and would be pleased to answer any question you may have.

The Tracey and Marshall Team is currently putting tables together. We have already filled one and are working on a second. We would love to have you join us!

Please contact either Tracey or Marshall for tickets or sponsorship as both are on the organizing committee. Tickets are also available at Century 21 Heritage House Ltd., South Gate Centre and Meridian Bank.


Looking to give your home interior an update?
Gray is the new “in” colour!

It’s recently taken front and center, upstaging it’s neutral cousins, taupe, beige and ivory. Gray is the little black dress for your home. It’s the new must have essential color that’s modern and edgy yet timeless and classic. It’s the perfect chameleon as it suits just about every room, every mood and every setting.

You can hide behind it or you can stand in front of it and let it shine. In color psychology, gray is the color that represents peace and balance. It is calm and safe. It is practical, simple and reliable. It’s the classic. It is the perfect neutral. Why then have we not seen more of this fabulous color, a perfect blend of black and white, that somewhere in the middle color, until very recently?

Grey is calm and soothing and, despite being equated with rainy, cloudy days, in the home gray is the opposite of dreary. Gray presents itself as the perfect backdrop to any style from classic to modern to contemporary. All furniture styles look well with grey and all sorts of colors from pinks, blues, purples, and citrus pair delightfully with this new neutral. Christian Dior said that  “tones of grey, pale turquoise and pink will prevail.”

Grays really are the perfect neutral. They range the gamut from casual elegance to utmost sophistication. Lighter, softer shades have a more feminine feel while the darker, heavier shades have a stronger, more masculine effect. Pair several shades of gray together to achieve a more complex, layered effect.

Grays themselves are very complex as hues and undertones take on shades of pink, blue, lavenders and greens that all add an extra layer of complexity, sophistication and energy. Some grays are reminiscent of  the beautiful old cathedrals of Europe, evoking a sense of history, longevity and strength. Other grays are more modern in feel and tone with a more modern and industrial flair. Those grays with green and blue undertones may bring us back the sea… those with pink and taupe undertones have a much warmer effect. One cannot refer to this color as simply gray, as it is so much more than that!

With hues from nearly white to nearly black, there’s a color in the spectrum for everyone, no matter lifestyle, location, or personality. Grey offers a much greater, deeper dimension than her neutral counterparts. Tans, beiges and whites have been overdone over the years. These colors are best left to trench coats today. Homes that are merely beige or varieties of the shade look as though they’ve been copied from the pages of various mail order catalogs. And wouldn’t you know it, most of them have.  Let’s have a little individuality – let’s set ourselves apart from the crowd. And even if “everyone else is doing it” each shade of  grey is so unique on it’s own that your color will be as individual as you are.  Whether you love to be bold or you are more color shy, there’s a shade of gray that’s perfect for you.

So many great floors!
How to choose?

In a world where flooring options keep growing and growing, it can be overwhelming to find the floor that is right for you.  Here are some pointers on how to make the selection process easier. Know your budget. Be upfront about your household and expectations. Trust your sales person and be open to options that you hadn’t considered.  By following these steps, it will help you to select the right floor for you.

One of the first things that you need know to when looking for flooring is your budget.  Most people have a clear idea when shopping for a car what they plan on spending. But when it comes to other large purchases, customers often do not.  Having a clear idea of what you can afford before you start looking can help steer you in the right direction when entering a flooring store.  If you have a moderate budget it does no good to look at high end flooring options.  Going back to the car analogy, you would not look at Porsche if you have a $25,000.00 budget.

Another important factor when selecting your flooring is your household.  Every household is unique; therefore the same floor is not right for every house.  Be upfront with the salesperson about how you live.  A large family that is very active, with lots of pets have different flooring needs then a retired couple without pets.  It is also important to know what your expectations are.  Someone who enjoys a neat and orderly home and is bothered by dust or marks should stay away from dark or shiny floors that will highlight these things.  I believe that if you let the sales person know how you live and what you can’t live with, it will help them find you the right floor.

As for the floor salesperson, trust them.  If you work with your salesperson and are upfront about your budget and your needs, they will be able to find the floor that is right for you.  Often people are afraid to discuss budgets, thinking the salesperson will over price or push the budget.  A good salesperson will use that information to find the best product for your household.  The salesperson and the buyer should work as a team; this will lead to the best outcome for everyone.  This being said, if you enter a store that is appealing to you and you find you cannot connect with the salesperson, ask to talk to someone else.  There is a chance that they will introduce products to you that you had not considered. Listen to why they think these products are the right ones for you.   Once you find the right store and the right salesperson, you will most likely go back to them for all your flooring needs.

Following these steps will help to make your floor shopping experience and enjoyable.   

April Porchak
Great Floors Ingersoll