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Wishing You a Wonderful 2017!

We want to say thank you to all of our clients for their trust and patronage in 2016. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2017. We look forward to working with some of you again as well as meeting some new faces and helping them on their way to their dreams this year.

2017 is looking to be another busy year in Oxford County for Real Estate. Rates are starting to inch up, so if you have been waiting to get into the market, now is a perfect time!


Electronic Billboard on Norwich Avenue

The Tracey and Marshall Team has obtained the EXCLUSIVE use of this billboard for Real Estate. This is great news for our clients, as we are currently the only Realtors that can offer this high visibility medium to market your listing! We have already used this board in the last few months and it proved very successful in driving attention to our clients' listings. Please contact us today to find out how we can help market your home. This is but one of the items in our bag marketing ideas. More eyes on your listing means more money in your pocket.

Into the G(rate) Beyond?

What are mortgage rates expected to do in 2017 and beyond?

This is a key question on the mind's of many looking to purchase a home in 2017. Lower rates mean lower carrying costs and more affordable home ownership. Homeowners have been treated with historic lows for the better part of a decade but are the rock bottom rates a thing of the past?
Uncertainty in the political stability of the U.S. turned the market on its head in November sending the near zero bond yields (a key component in pricing mortgages) back to their highest point in 2 years. In what could be seen as a perfect storm, the government passed changes affecting default insurance consequently increasing the cost of insurance to the lenders which in turn was passed to the client. Mortgage rates have followed suit with immediate and numerous increases in search of a new equilibrium. 
Rates are increasing!

The Bank of Canada's last meeting ended on a similar note. The prime rate is unchanged. The overnight rate has either decreased or remained the same (mostly) since 2007. In 2007 Canada fell into a recession and has been spending its way out ever since. Today we have strong economic growth and record debt levels. These debt levels are a major contributing factor in the prime rate staying low. Increased borrowing rates lead to higher carrying costs on everything from mortgages, car loans and lines of credits. Raise rates too quickly and risk of default increases. Keep rates low for too long and Canadians could go further into debt. At time of print, bond yields have dropped 10% from their December highs. 
rates are staying low!

Regardless of the uncertainty in rates there are a myriad of mortgage products to fit your need. Fixed rates for the risk-averse, variable for the risk tolerant. Short-term for when rates are falling and long-term for when rates are increasing.

Derek Leis is a local mortgage agent who has been helping clients finance their dreams for more than 10 years.
Experience the difference between sales and honest advice. 

2017 Century 21 Golden Gala - 2 Door Prizes of $3,000 Travel Vouchers

The Golden Gala is fast approaching. This is Oxford County’s Event of the Year Early bird pricing of $120/person is available until January 15. This is such a great event and raises money for local charities.

Over the past sixteen years the Century 21 Golden Gala has raised over $1,200,000 for the Woodstock community. In addition to the $850,000 raised for the new Woodstock Hospital, substantial contributions have been raised for Charitable Organizations serving the needs of communities within Oxford County, including VON Sakura House, Alzheimer Society of Oxford, Alexandra Hospital Ingersoll HUGO project, Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter, and the MS Society of Oxford.

This year the Gala will support the MS Society of Oxford, South Gate Centre for Seniors, and Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter.

Plans for the 2017 Gala are underway and the committee is looking for sponsors for the event. They have six levels of sponsorship packages. Diamond at $10,000, Double Platinum at $5,000, Platinum at $2,500, Gold at $1,000, Silver at $500 and Bronze at $250. You can select the level of participation that best meets your needs, and be secure in the knowledge that your sponsorship fee will be used to help the MS Society of Oxford, South Gate Centre for Seniors, and Easter Seals – Oxford County Chapter. Your sponsorship can be in the form of a cash donation, a donation to the silent auction table or a combination of the two.

The Golden Gala Committee would also love to see you or your organization to join them at the memorable event. Tickets are $135.00 per person. Early Bird pricing is available at $120.00 per person if paid in full by January 15, 2017. You should to book your tickets early as they tend to go quickly and 100 tickets have already been sold.

The committee is counting on the support of the community and would be pleased to answer any question you may have.

The Tracey and Marshall Team is currently putting tables together. We have already filled one and are working on a second. We would love to have you join us!

Please contact either Tracey or Marshall for tickets or sponsorship as both are on the organizing committee. Tickets are also available at Century 21 Heritage House Ltd., South Gate Centre and Meridian Bank.

A New Year comes with setting goals or resolutions, something you set in place and want to work towards achieving.

Is one of your goals for 2017 to help get a better handle of your finances or paying down debt? Do you feel like you are on the never-never plan and can’t seem to get ahead? What about saving towards something; like that dream vacation, a new house, renovations for your home, your child’s education or even retirement.

My name is Jaime and I am a Financial Security Advisor and Investment Specialist, I have a passion for helping people with their finances. I work with my clients on setting goals based on what is important to them and put a plan in place on working towards achieving them. 

I invite the opportunity to sit down with you and learn about what is important to you.

Let me help you work towards your financial goals.

Jaime Schleich

Financial Security Advisor & Investment Representative
Freedom 55 Financial and Quadrus Investment Services